Angels from Another Pin
(Angels from Another Cartoon)

Respect my authori-tay!
The Idea:
If you are a regular reader of Angels from Another Pin, then go, thou, and make a portrait of yourself with the South Park caricature maker. Then e-mail it to me. I'll host it on my server and put it up here.
The Portraits:

Jon Kilgannon
"I'm not hysterical - I just don't want to shoot the bunny!"

Glenn Juskiewicz
"You bastards!"

Ivy Kilgannon
"If there are any questions, direct them to that brick wall over there."

Mike Ryan
"'Cause I'm hella-cool, that's why"

Mark Sachs
"It's comin' right for us!"

Ben Loukota

Joe Foering

Matt Smith

(The Side of the Angels)