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Yes, this really is the classic program that prints 'Hello, world!' when you run it. Unlike the elementary version often presented in books like K&R, GNU hello processes its argument list to modify its behavior, supports internationalization, and includes a mail reader. 'hello' introduction

22 October 2004

A Miracle of Science has been updating regularly, of course.   permanent link


Dr. Weird's Homestyle Family Restaurant:

Behold! My mouthwatering babyback ribs will hold your tastebuds captive and shall convince you of the true greatness of irradiated beef! The meat for this masterful creation is taken from only the finest cows fed with enough hormones to change your gender. They are cooked to perfection and served with a sweet guava glaze that will have you begging for more until you leave to buy larger pants!.....$10.95
"Our staff is courteous and impeccably clean...because they make sure to decontaminate themselves after handling your meal." I'm sold.   permanent link


I wondered why part of England is called the Isle of Thanet when it's self-evidently a peninsula. Through the magic of the Internet I discovered that the Wantsum Channel used to cut the island off from the mainland, and that Canterbury used to be at the head of an estuary.   permanent link


Plasma beam space travel. Travel from planet to planet and leave your fuel behind.

"We're trying to get to Mars and back in 90 days," Winglee said. "Our philosophy is that, if it's going to take two-and-a-half years, the chances of a successful mission are pretty low."

... Under the mag-beam concept, a space-based station would generate a stream of magnetized ions that would interact with a magnetic sail on a spacecraft and propel it through the solar system at high speeds that increase with the size of the plasma beam. Winglee estimates that a control nozzle 32 meters wide would generate a plasma beam capable of propelling a spacecraft at 11.7 kilometers per second. That translates to more than 26,000 miles an hour or more than 625,000 miles a day.

The leader of the project, Robert Winglee of the University of Washington, stated that his goal is to "facilitate a permanent human presence in space." I can get behind that.   permanent link

(The Side of the Angels)

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