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You look as upset and downtrodden as a little robot with inarticulate limbs can look.

--Mystery Science Theater 3000

30 June 2004

A Miracle of Science is beginning Chapter Four. There have been a few pages since I last linked to it. You may find the "previous page" button useful...   permanent link


More inspired madness by the author of The Princess Bride, which involves the publication of The Princess Bride:

Thank you for sending in, and, no, this is not the reunion scene, because of a certain roadblock named Kermit Shog.

As soon as bound books were ready, I got a call from my lawyer, Charley -- (you may not remember, but Charley's the one I called from California to go down in the blizzard and buy The Princess Bride from the used-book dealer). Anyway, he usually begins with Talmudic humor, wisdom jokes, only this time he just says "Bill, I think you better get down here," and before I'm even allowed to say a 'why?' he adds, "Right away if you can."

Panicked, I zoom down, wondering who could have died, did I flunk my tax audit, what? His secretary lets me into his office and Charley says, "This is Mr. Shog, Bill."

And there he is, sitting in the corner, hands on his briefcase, looking exactly like an oily version of Peter Lorre. I really expected him to say, "Give me the Falcon, you must, or I'll be forced to keeel you."

"Mr. Shog is a lawyer," Charley goes on. And this next was said underlined: "He represents the Morgenstern estate."

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Essays the way we wish we had written them. I highly recommend the fourth one, on Whitman:

Walt Whitman is 90 stories tall, and his adventures are legendary. With his blue Ox, Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman traveled across young America and helped the nation grow into the angry powerhouse it is today.... His LiveJournal, which he doesn't think anyone knows about is full of whiny goth poetry.
The best part is the restrained, almost resigned handwritten note at the bottom: "Pete, please see me."   permanent link
Jessica Gothie

To invent an airplane is nothing. To build one is something. To fly is everything.

-Otto Lilienthal

21 June 2004

A Miracle of Science nears the end of Chapter Three. Can you stand the suspense!? (Of course you can.)   permanent link


SpaceShipOne launched successfully and returned, with a little damage to the tail section. God, is that cool. More info is available at CNN.   permanent link
Alyce Wilson (CNN link)


"Move, Watson? That's just what Moriarity expects me to do."   permanent link

(The Side of the Angels)

A Miracle of Science

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