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1 June 2001 - 30 June 2001

Rage Against Mr. Clean
I just couldn't resist the seductive populism of his ideology.
My gang colours will be polka dots, and yours can be Burberry check.
Remember when we said there was no future? Well, this is it.
Laugh all you want...I'm the one goin' down in history as the Thomas Jefferson of squirrels.
Whether they find life there or not, I think Jupiter should be called an enemy planet.
My mailman won't deliver 'til I swear allegiance to Moloch, the Assyrian fire god.
We're all too lazy to think up a humorous response, so here's an adorable anime rabbit-cat thing. Enjoy.
Your apology is insufficient! I believe your blood in pint sized containers in a refrigerated box may be enough to pardon your remarks!
Ah, gunpowder! A thousand and one uses around the house!
Do you actually think about what you are saying, or is it an improvisational game of mad libs that you play in your head?
We are on the verge of unzipping the secrets of creation and peering into the pants of God Himself.
Sam, my unappeased hunger for bloodshed has reached a nearly palpable level.

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29 June 2001
The second and third most dangerous intersections in the United States (according to State Farm) are not only just a few miles from me in Northeast Philly, but are also places I used to drive through every week.
28 June 2001
Microsoft's Smart Tags (as mentioned here earlier this month) have been pulled from Windows XP. Glenn Juskiewicz
This is a philosophical mystery story which includes the sentence: "'Another possibility,' he added, 'is that A.M. Monius may be a bright and ambitious, but somewhat shy, Rwandan gorilla.'"
27 June 2001
Sick as a dog. No updates today, sorry!
26 June 2001
The online comic strip Narbonic follows the life of a mad scientist, her evil intern, and her computer specialist (who is currently dead) as they do Mad Science stuff. Inspired, clever, and silly. The strip's creator likes Daniel Pinkwater and his late, great comic strip, Norb, so she's aces in my book.
A one million pound turbine, trundling through town like a very slow dinosaur. Mark Sachs
Postmodern action figures! Mark Sachs
25 June 2001
The space cases in the White House are still trying to overturn the separation of church and state, even though the plan is reviled by the Democrats in Congress and has no chance of passing muster. Can I return the Republican Party and get a refund on the unused portion?
Wow. A large (1.9 MB, or 2 - 10 minutes over a modem) movie of the recent eclipse moving across Africa, seen from space. This was created from pictures taken from a satellite in orbit over Africa. Beautiful.
Building HAL. (Sort of.)
Censors will never win, because smart people will use censorship to their own advantage.
22 June 2001
This story about one man's fight against Coca-Cola, Inc. is fascinating, presuming it's not all some paranoid fantasy.
CNN provides a really nice painting of the Huygens probe landing at Titan. The page containing a caption for the painting is here, but based on the URL I expect it to be out of date in a week or so. Click it while you can! Ben Loukota
A man, possibly carrying a gun, climbed into a crane being used to construct a building in Atlanta and had to be pulled out by police. What struck me was the sentence: "An armed officer was seen climbing an adjacent crane." Was the officer going to get involved in some kind of Errol Flynn crane-duel with the suspect? "Ha! I have you now, blackguard! Take that!"
You know those galaxies in collision? Surprise! You live in one.
Every answering machine message from every episode of the Rockford Files.
21 June 2001
My mother (hi, Mom!) asked me to put some means for interacting with me on this page. So you will see a "Discussion" link off to the right. It leads to a handy discussion page, which will be free until the dot-com providing it dies.
The fact that Glenn chastised me for not having a link regarding the eclipse shows just how predictable I've become. This shows how prophetic the "Make Your Own Default Link" game, below, is.
It's "Make Your Own Default Link Day" day here at Angels from Another Pin. Try it, it's fun! Scientists today discovered which is connected to , and which casts light on .
Phil Hendrie is to talk radio as a nuclear bomb is to a slow, stupid, hyperconservative block of ice in the shape of the American electorate. I wonder if he's on the radio in Philly.
Modern pirates haunt Indonesia. The Indonesian authorities refuse to allow the navies of concerned countries, like Japan, help police the area, and the Indonesians also refuse to allow the crews of freighters to arm themselves.
20 June 2001
"Put your head back on your body, gather up your bones." The oldest mummies ever found, 500 years older than the earliest pharaohs, shed light on an ancient Egyptian funeral text.
Dark energy, dark matter, the end of the Universe, and the most embarrassing number in physics, written with the average, non-technical reader in mind.
Archaeologists are excavating the site where the last of the Western Roman Empire lost its grain ships to a Vandal attack in the fourth century.
19 June 2001
Missing solar neutrinos found! And they have mass! Mike Ryan
Before the invention of good porcelain dentures in the late 19th century, the best dentures were made from real human teeth.
Speaking of Martians (see yesterday's entry), here's a map of the red planet, just in case you ever get to vacation there.
18 June 2001
It had to happen eventually: What D&D alignment are you? (Neutral good, oh yeah.)
The Generals (so far):
Yours Truly: Robert E. Lee
Ben Loukota: Omar Bradley
Mike Ryan: Omar Bradley
Glenn Juskiewicz: Geo. Washington
Mark Sachs: Wesley Clark
Sony, Sony, Sony. Can't you just make good movies instead of misleading consumers with false testimonials from Sony employees? (From the people who brought you nonexistent movie reviewer David Manning!)
Yet another take on the current lack of UFO sightings. (Making fun of UFO believers is the duty of all logical beings. Even ones from Mars.)
Why are you reading this when you should be finding kitten?
Ten possible Mars missions for 2007. Ben Loukota
15 June 2001
Ben has never heard of his general, Omar Bradley, who commanded the Americans at Normandy. Ben's high school history teacher is being tracked down and shot.
This little test will tell you what kind of general you are. Email me and tell me what general you are, and I'll post a list here in a few days! (Your humble correspondent is apparently Robert E. Lee. Y'all.)
This public access cable TV show in New York sounds like it's being beamed in from some alternate reality.
The Deep Space Network, the contellation of radio dishes that transmit and receive data for interplanetary probes, is getting overloaded because of all the new science missions being launched.
14 June 2001
This fellow has built a full-sized replica of a giant robot. I can't read Japanese, but it's nifty anyway.
I'll bet that some day, far in the future, scientists will point to the coming of Modern Man as cause of the Great Extinction that ended the Cenozoic Era. Don't think so? It has happened before. (The email Ben sent me regarding this contained no text, and was simply titled "Depressing commentary on the nature of man.") Ben Loukota
Soon, now, NASA will have put up the Microwave Anisotropy Probe, far beyond the Moon, to measure the microwave echo of the Big Bang with a new level of discernment. Ben Loukota
13 June 2001
Don't you long for the days when the military would blow stuff up with nuclear bombs just for the heck of it?
Senator Lieberman, having learned his lesson from his defeat in the 2000 vice-presidential election, courts the voters of the future in this photo op.
12 June 2001
Bush went to Europe, and among the many new friends he made was none other than Adolf Hitler! (This picture really appeared on the front page of the news site The part of Der Fuhrer is being played by the Prime Minster of Spain, who should probably shave off his moustache.)
This is the strangest thing I have seen in a month of Sundays. It is "Weird Al" Yankovic drawn in an anime style.
Jan Vermeer, using a camera obscura, created photgraphically realistic paintings. It is possible that he got the lenses for his camera obscura from van Leeuwenhoek, the discoverer of microscopic animals.
11 June 2001
The Otabus will get you from New York to Otakon 2001 in style. Noel Tominack
Robert Bigelow is a whacko. But he's a whacko who is trying to build a space hotel. More importantly, he's a billionaire whacko who is trying to build a space hotel.
The TV show Max Headroom was eerily precognitive, forecasting such things as infotainment, media-driven political events, culture jamming, and tie-ins between the evening news and whatever product the network is selling today. The series program guide is brought to you by Zik-Zak ("We make everything you need and you need everything we make").
8 June 2001
There are a number of efforts going on to provide a short-hop suborbital tourist service, both overseas and here in the US. Jon's money is on the Japanese, who are test-flying a kewl little miniature DC-X knockoff in preparation for an eventual suborbital tourist biz. Jon Acheson
Psychic debunker James Randi is my hero.
I haven't liked The Onion much lately, but Ben has found an article about quantum pants which is actually pretty good. The quantum slacks represent the first wearable pair of non-Newtonian pants, putting America one step closer to a complete casual wardrobe that transcends classical physics. Ben Loukota
7 June 2001
Speaking of whackos, Boeing says no one should use the word "sabotage" when referring to some "suspicious wire damage" on a number of 737s, which probably means it was sabotage.
Microsoft's beta version of Windows XP includes a feature, Internet Explorer Smart Tags, that allows Microsoft to add links to Web sites when they are viewed by users, without the consent of the user or of the Web site creator. I can't be the only person on Earth who thinks this is utterly wrong. (I searched for the purported meta tag which would innoculate one's pages against this thing, hoping to make Angels from Another Pin the first IEST-free site in the world, but MS isn't making that tag available. Hmmmm.)
From the Department of Really Really Big Numbers: You know he's never going to see the money, but it's heartening that a tobacco company just got slammed with a three billion dollar award, to be paid to cancer patient Richard Boeken. Glenn Juskiewicz
People are beating the tar our of their computers, according to a survey by the British company Novatech. "We treat our machines as if they are persons. We talk to them, we name them, we even sometimes plead with and try to cajole the little god inside each machine. And when the little god turns out to be evil we beat the machine to purge the demon." Glenn Juskiewicz
The most popular online game in the world right now isn't Everquest or Asheron's Call. It's Lineage, a South Korean game which is so popular it has spawned real-world fistfights. Real-world gangsters have taken a shine to the game, and brag about their online exploits after offline robberies. Surreal. Glenn Juskiewicz
6 June 2001
A store clerk was shot in a store a block from my house. This is...unsettling.
Pictures of the scramjet failure. Razzafrackin' bazzlerack! Now I'll never get into space!
Marching cadences for the ROTC cadets at Morehead State University.
5 June 2001
Plutonium is radioactive, and poisonous, and explosively flammable. Would you like to design a memorial to keep the stuff safely contained for thousands of years? Mike Ryan
You may wish to read the historical reasons why Strom "Senile Old Bat" Thurmond is third in line for the Presidency in case the office should become empty.
Did you ever think that the movie studios are making up all those good reviews of bad movies? You were right. They are.
4 June 2001
This is pretty darned cool. Not only can you see my house in this satellite photo, you can also see my car. (You can look up your house, and possibly your car as well, on GlobeExplorer.)
This handy little PDF document explains how to harden a Windows 2000 machine against hackers.
You know, I think the guy who wrote the shortest implementation of the DeCSS code might be the same annoying Charles Hannum whom we all wanted to kick in the head back at Penn State.
1 June 2001
A new video game called "State of Emergency" allows the player to control rioters at an economic conference. Not surprisingly, the office of the mayor of Seattle is complaining. Glenn Juskiewicz
Is there some specific reason why everything in Idaho has to be resolved by the presence of a squadron of armed federal agents? Is there something in the water up there? Glenn Juskiewicz
At the beginning of the First Millennium, the Chinese drove out the Xiongnu, some of whom left the Chinese sphere of influence and built a new society which, several centuries later, dove down upon the Romans--who called them the Huns.
Another version of the powers of ten. Requires Java.
It's interesting to see American national heroes, like the Marquis de la Fayette, through the eyes of others. (In this case, those "others" are the French.)

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