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I just flipped off President George / I'm going to Diz Knee Land.

--"Dizz Knee Land," Dada

9 July 2004

You live in a town in Pennsylvania, you're young, and you find the policies of the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue not to your liking. What do you do? Read on...

Sean had to go back to work (he snuck out to join in the fun), so we drove him back to my place where his car was, then me, Adam, and Brendan went to another spot along the highway that we had spied earlier. A friendly Kerry supporter named Mr. Shenk let us use his front yard to display our banners. Now comes the good part. After waiting around for about 45 minutes, the motorcade passed by us again. A few police cars, followed by a van or two, drove by. Then, a Bush/Cheney bus passed, followed by a second one going slower. At the front of this second bus was The W himself, waving cheerily at his supporters on the other side of the highway. Adam, Brendan, and I rose our banner (the More Trees, Less Bush one) and he turned to wave to our side of the road. His smile faded, and he raised his left arm in our direction. And then, George W. Bush, the 43rd president of the United States of America, extended his middle finger.

Read that last sentence again.
I got flipped off by George W. Bush.

Whatever your politics might be, that's pretty amusing in a sophomoric way. (I will attempt not to make a habit of this.)   permanent link

Marv Albert here at Madison Cube Garden where the Harlem Globerotters take on a squad of atomic supermen in what promises to be a by-the-numbers athletic contest with no surprises whatsoever.


2 July 2004

Rock, Paper, Saddam! (Warning: Contains bad words.)

Saddam: TIGER HAND! RAWR!!!!! RAWRR! rar. Hahaaa, hi. Tiger Hand. Come on! You Know! ... You don't know Tiger Hand? Tiger Hand beats paper. Like
totally beats paper. Always.
Saddam: Ask Aziz, he knows.
[Tariq] Aziz: Tiger Hand always beats paper.
Saddam: I'm sayin' bro!
Judge: Okay, fine. "Tiger Hand" beats paper. Whatever you say Saddam. No more Tiger Hand.
Puerile and goofy, but it made me laugh.   permanent link


Firesomething renames the title bar for Firefox/Firebird each time the browser runs. This is meant to (a) be goofy and (b) make fun of the browser's rapid name change. If you've never seen the Firenoun browser before, I recommend it. I works for me, and look, Ma, no IE exploits!   permanent link


The Internet will eat itself: Google Talk.

Use Google talk by entering three or four words below. The system will search for this sentence at Google, find the next word and print that. Than it will remove the first word of the search string, add the found word and repeat. The result seems to be meaningfull sometimes. Other times it is giblish. But always fun.
  permanent link


This is sure to be interesting for the next four years: raw images from the Cassini probe, as they're downloaded from the spacecraft and decoded.   permanent link

(The Side of the Angels)

A Miracle of Science

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