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31 July 2002 ::   You look like an angel. Welcome to earth.  
Son of updated information: My wife is out of the hospital. Regular posting will now resume.

While I was busy, A Miracle of Science was updated. Benjamin meets Mars, and fires a really cool gun.

Sun Myung Moon, the addled leader of the Moonies, attempted to place an advertisement in several American newspapers but was rebuffed by at least two. My own local Philadelphia Inquirer ran the ad, which the New York Times describes thusly:
If a newspaper's policy requires advertisements to be verifiable and accurate, what does a publisher do when presented with a full-page ad presenting the text of a Christmas Day meeting "in the spirit world" attended by Jesus, Muhammad, Confucius, Buddha, Martin Luther and John Harvard?

According to the ad, which was presented to newspapers around the country this month, these men and hundreds of others in attendance proclaimed their allegiance to the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the leader of the Unification Church. At the spirit meeting, the ad said, Jesus hailed Mr. Moon as the Messiah, proclaiming, "You are the Second Coming who inaugurated the Completed Testament Age." Muhammad then led everyone in three cheers of victory.

God didn't attend, but sent a letter Dec. 28 seconding Jesus's remarks. Lenin and other leading communists also sent messages. Lenin said that he was in "unimaginable suffering and agony" for his earthly mistakes, and Stalin added, "We live in the bottom of Hell here."

There are low-energy pathways through the Solar System created by the gravitational tug-of-war among the various objects orbiting the Sun. Spacecraft moving along these pathways would use little or no fuel. Mars Express coming up!

25 July 2002 ::   Clumsy and random's got my name all over it!  
Updated information about updates: My wife remains in the hospital. Posting to this page will continue to be spotty for a couple more days.

Expensive phone calls and encounters with killer robots await you in the next installment of A Miracle of Science.

Write like an Egyptian: Turn any word of 16 letters or less into heiroglyphics.

Astronomers have found another asteroid on a possible collision course with the Earth. Will this be a magnificent challenge to come together as a species?

23 July 2002 ::   After silence, that which comes closest to expressing the inexpressible is music  
Updated update: My wife is still in the hospital. Posting to this page will continue to be sporadic for a few more days.

Make your own UFO!

I have a question: Those libertarian idiots who don't want to pay taxes state that public services can be paid for by a subscription service, or via a pay-as-you-go system. My question is: How are we to expect these selfsame idiot libertarians to pay the subscription when they are unwilling to pay taxes? On that note, read this list of things people who want to abolish taxes should stop doing right now.

20 July 2002 ::   You are no longer merely human. You have become your own, weird demographic.  
Update: My wife is still in the hospital. Posting to this page will continue to be sporadic for the next couple of days.

A new light-emitting polymer allows the creation of flexible televisions and Dick Tracy two-way wristwatches!

16 July 2002 ::   And the unholy image of Sean Connery in a sequined jumpsuit  
My wife is in the hospital - and is still being prescribed the warfarin I referred to earlier - so posting to this site is on hold temporarily. Please stand by.

Argh argh argh. The idiots in the right wing of the Republican party are attempting to pass a law to allow churches to use tax-exempt moneys to fund political campaigns. This is a very bad idea which both goes against the will of the people (the article states that "the Pew Forum on Religious and Public Life found that 70 per cent of respondents said churches should not endorse political candidates") and is almost certainly a deliberate attack on the wall separating church and state.

15 July 2002 ::   The war was won by monkey jesus using his laser eyes  
There's a new page of A Miracle of Science up today. It takes place on the Moon! In the Future!

Enjoy this refreshing little impression of Dragonball Z in twelve panels.

I challenge any Republicans in the audience to tell me again why Bush's tax cut for the rich is good for the nation. And this time try not to lie to me. The debt clock in Manhattan has started ticking upwards again.

14 July 2002 ::   I'll bet you have lymph nodes the size of cats!  
I am currently looking at a pharmacy vial full of warfarin. Warfarin is a blood thinner that can be used as rat poison. The warning sheet that came with the medicine is scary. (Although not as scary as the antibiotic I once took that included "death" as one of the possible side effects.)

12 July 2002 ::   France France Revolution  
Science is often a task filled with beauty in the strangest places. Back in 2000, the astronauts aboard Atlantis passed through the Aurora Australis. The article contains a link to a photo of the aurora seen under the Space Shuttle Discovery in 1991.

Strange yet oddly compelling: vocal-only remixes of Dance Dance Revolution songs.

11 July 2002 ::   Greetings, Starfighter. You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the frontier from Xur and the Kodan Armada.  
There's a new page of A Miracle of Science up today. Go read it, or you will be visited at night by three ghosts who will show you your happy past, your drab present, and your awful, terrible future!

I can only claim brain damage as the reason that I have not yet put up a link to Radioactive Fanboys, which is Bernhard Warg's foray into online comics. Of course, it seems that Bernhard has abandoned it. More's the pity.

The US Army has a new recruitment tool, America's Army: Operations, which is a first-person shooter chock full of guns and teamwork. It has a great price tag (completely free) and sounds to me like a very clever use of the Army's recruiting budget. The quote in Wired from Lt. Col. Wardynski, one of the Army's consultants on the project, makes me think of the plotline of The Last Starfighter:
"This isn't in the works right now, but in the future, suppose you played extremely well. And you stayed in the game an extremely long time. You might just get an e-mail seeing if you'd like any additional information on the Army."

10 July 2002 ::   Joanie Loves Trotsky  
The Internet land grab is much like the grab of radio bandwidth by commercial interests in the early twentieth century.

Aerogels are immensely light substances that act as extremely good insulators and which have many other properties which are useful to science and industry. Microgravity is the state in which objects exist while in free fall. Microgravity aerogels are an experimental attempt to make clear aerogels that can be used as window insulation.

And gentlemen in England now a-bed shall think themselves accursed they were not here: a very short history of the Battle of Agincourt.

8 July 2002 ::   Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon filled with tapes hurtling down the highway  
This update of A Miracle of Science brings the return of the mad scientist Doctor Haas.

Dr. Takashi Yabe of the Tokyo Institute of Technology is experimenting with powering airplanes with ground-based lasers. The article, from the New York Times, also includes some information regarding progress on the Lightcraft.

If you ever get the hankering to write fan fiction, cure yourself of it by visiting the Mary-Sue Generator, which will automatically show you just how bad fan fiction can get. This is a brilliant little piece of satire.

5 July 2002 ::   Just your average, everyday common headless God of Death  
Yes, I will freely admit that Piku Piku Sentaro is distressingly cute. However, it's distressingly cute and funny.

New A Miracle of Science. Go read. Before the pixels melt right off the screen.

Just after 1 AM, and it is still 88 F outside. There is a pool of heat near Philadelphia; it is cooler in pretty much every direction, including a thousand miles to the south.

4 July 2002 ::   Just wondering why no one ever answers the emails she carefully crafts upon her Etch-a-Sketch  
Jonathan Cohn, a better writer than I, comments on the Pledge of Allegiance decision. This strikes me as appropriate reading material for Independence Day.

This short online chat between Ray Kurzweil and Vernor Vinge doesn't give much new information about their thoughts on the Singularity, but it does mention the possibility of a SciFi Channel series based on Vinge's short story "True Names."

3 July 2002 ::   You just bought yourself some stock in the Whup-Ass Canning Company, boy! --Fred Coppersmith  
The Cartoon Network show Powerpuff Girls did a dead-on parody of manga aimed at children in the episode "Super Zeroes":
Bubbles: (sarcastically) Ooooh, I’m all tormented! Where’s the magic? Where’s the funny? You need to read...

(Now we see a strip very much in the style of Hello Kitty, drawn in black and white. The panel shows a rabbit in a hood and cape and a sea creature, perhaps a seal, licking a lollipop. The two walk happily along a trail in the park.)

Bubbles: ...“Chiisai Banii-Banii no Kawaii Bouken Monogatari!”
Blossom, Buttercup: In English!
Bubbles: Oh. Sorry. “The Great Funtime Adventures of...Bunny-Bunny and Friend”!

(First panel: the rabbit, Bunny-Bunny, looking alarmed. Its words are in Japanese; Bubbles translates.)

Bubbles: “Waweras! An obstacle is evident!” (A rock in the path, also alarmed.) “Whoa!” (The other creature, Waweras, tripping over it, then both of them speaking.) “Why wasn’t shifting your decision?” (The rock addresses them.) “Being a rock, I am without movement.”

(Bunny-Bunny looks puzzled in the next panel; pan left slightly to show Waweras smiling. Now we see the rabbit lifting the rock.)

Bubbles: “I am filled with solutions!”

(Next panel: the rock being thrown away. It and Bunny-Bunny are smiling. Final: the rock sailing toward Waweras and shouting gleefully.)

Bubbles: “Whee!”

Glenn has found a clock which is somehow both restful and unsettling to watch.

Glenn Juskiewicz
I rather like the trailer for The Two Towers.

2 July 2002 ::   It isn't science, it's madness!  
Did you know you can melt metal in your household microwave? Neither did I. If any of you feels like trying this out, feel free to detail your findings over in the Discussion area. I'm not sacrificing the microwave to science.

Mike Ryan
It's a plot out of a bad spy novel: A Lucite ball containing lunar material is given to the government of Honduras as a present in 1973. It vanishes during a nasty series of dictatorships, then shows up in Florida in 1998. The government of the United States is now claiming that the rock isn't legally owned by its last possessor, and has filed a court case called - and I am not making this up - "United States v. Lucite ball containing lunar material."

Glenn Juskiewicz
1 July 2002 ::   All beings must get down to the funky-ass sound  
Zod commands you to go forth and view the updated Web comic A Miracle of Science, which is officially approved by General Zod!

The relatively new theory that a cataclysmic reflooding of the plain of the Black Sea several millennia ago sparked the myth of Noah's Flood is probably incorrect. A study of the mud at the bottom of the sea points to continuous connection between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean for at least the last ten thousand years.

I can marshal only inchoate rage at the foolishness and holier-than-thou smugness of those opposed to removing "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance. David Greenberg marshals logical and historical arguments.

(The Side of the Angels)

A Miracle of Science

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