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I am a meat popsicle.
Honorary agent -- Bureau of Beer, Cigarettes, and Fire
They still have the original Green Death f---ing flavor!
Whoever forgot to tighten the screws on the evil podium is getting four days in the piranha tank.
I got a crick in my neck from watching the miracles go by overhead
"You disturb me to the point of insanity. There. I am insane now."
You found kitten! Way to go, robot!
The Earth rising in your sign this week means romance, travel and that you're somehow standing on the surface of another planet.
This is a warning, step away from the ark, this ark is protected by YAHWEH.
The Fresh Prince of Darkness
Backstreet Boy in a Talking Heads world
Medicare, Social Security, prescription drugs -- by all appearances, politics is increasingly about large numbers of annoying old people.
Interrupting Cow
Top Ten Signs You Have A Bad Robot Child
So, my friends, I'm going to cock back the hammer of my Sig Sauer P-229A for JUSTICE!
Scientists are stumped! No one knows why Dick Cheney's voice does not echo!
We're the laughing stock of the entire cult world. Even the Scientologists make fun of us.
“We’re a giant corporation, and you make us feel like a little kitten.”
You must be double jointed...and you must be Pennsylvanian.

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31 July 2001
The Old Kingdom of Egypt collapsed during climate changes caused by one of the Little Ice Ages. Entire lakes dried up due to the change in rainfall. (The next Little Ice Age is due to happen around AD 3100.)
Bow to humanity's new masters, the uberintelligent raccoons of Boston!
30 July 2001
Apple's quest for aesthetics is taken to its logical conclusion. Glenn Juskiewicz
The task of breeding vultures to devour corpses at the ancient Zoroastrian Towers of Silence is a job straight out of HP Lovecraft.
These images of the ISS are lovely. Ben Loukota
27 July 2001
Yet another reason why anyone professing himself to be a monarchist must be stupid or insane.
Pranks for evil geniuses include Yucky Ions and a Kindergarten Solar-powered Death Squad.
Callisto may have an ocean like Europa's.
Revel in technological history with this large picture of a 1969 IBM punch card.
26 July 2001
You know that "tax rebate" you're (probably) getting? Surprise! It's not really a refund, it's effectively a loan from you-of-2002 to you-of-2001.
Mars has dust devils often enough that their tracks have been seen from orbit more than once. They have been seen whirling in Amazonis Planitia and down on the floor of Valles Marineris.
It's a wheeled robot with a camera, which can be controlled via radio through a Web interface. I want one of these and a Web server...on the Moon. That would be cool. Glenn Juskiewicz
If the ad campaign for these phones isn't changed to "Phones so simple a chimp can use them," then someone in marketing needs to be fired.
25 July 2001
If you have anything to do with computers, you've heard of the Code Red worm. Now there is an animated map showing the spread of the infection. (Note that Microsoft does not even mention Code Red in the notification of the patch which fixes the bug which Code Red explots. In fact, searching Microsoft's knowledge base for Code Red turns up nothing of value. Idiocy or evil? You decide.)
A first-hand report on the clustered Stone SouperComputer.
The Pennsylvania Legistature considers corn more deserving of protection than gay human beings. Idiots. I'm sorry, it must have been my turn to put the smart drugs in Harrisburg's water, and I forgot.
24 July 2001
The biggest meteor in years was literally right overhead, and I missed it!
Archaeology Magazine asks, "with automatic weapons, is stratigraphy so important?" in regards to a review of the Tomb Raider movie. Mark Sachs
Another one from the archivists: The Canonical List of RPG Famous Last Words. My favorite: "Yeah, a shape-changing non-detection moose!"
I thought the Gospel of Mani, the religious text of Manichaeism, was long gone. It turns out it's in Ireland. Score one for the world's archivists!
23 July 2001
Tom Tomorrow explains the inner workings of Washington's missile defense complex.
Solar sail test flight failed!
More on bootleg wireless Internet connections. The article mentions building 10-km-range microwave radio antennas out of juice cans. The world is getting more cyberpunk every day, Heaven help us.
20 July 2001
Thirty-two years ago today, humans first walked on the Moon. (Just a little people-centricism on my part: Let's see any other species do that. In your face, dolphins! Who bad? We bad! Everyone who's been to the Moon, give me a big opposable-thumbs-up!)
The WTO hires a marketing firm to get teenagers to stop hating them. A quote from the article: "Note: in focus groups, 59% of teens reported that they would consider purchasing WTO product if associated with friendly talking frog."
Solar sail test flight!
Archaeologists have found a possible location for the vault of the Oracle at Delphi.
From this time forward, I will only answer to the sobriquet Jon of Megalon 14! Tremble before us, lesser planets!
19 July 2001
I don't mean to panic you, but we're all gonna dieeeeeeeeee!!!! This objective reporting brought to you by CNN, who would kill their own mothers if it got them a boost in ratings. Wolf Blitzer is as smart as a slightly retarded radish!
The site They Rule, which shows the interconnections (one might say the incestuous relationships) among the boards of directors of corporations, makes me want to become a Communist. There's maybe fifty people who run the monied interests of North America. Jeez.
A train carrying, among other things, hydrochloric acid caught fire in a tunnel right next to the Baltimore Convention Center. Coverage from MSNBC. Coverage from CNN.
More on that Martian dust storm, from NASA. This page leads to another, which contains updated weather map data for Mars! Glenn Juskiewicz
Cool headline which denotes a cooler technology: Hewlett-Packard Patents "Atomic Pixie Dust."
Jonathan Backer provides some beautiful backgrounds as well as about a billion megabytes of anime music videos! Matt Pyson
18 July 2001
The House has passed an anti-flag-burning amendment again. Why do we elect anyone who is unAmerican enough to fear free speech?
Researchers have found an immense Nubian city in northern Sudan. Some buildings have been preserved all the way to their rooftops.
You need a car radio with a USB port. You really do. Glenn Juskiewicz
In today's Mars weather report, dust. Lots of it.
17 July 2001
Eta Carinae is 7500 light years away. Even at such great distances, we can still see things move.
Skin color becomes a fashion choice.
16 July 2001
Underground marketing sounds like it came out of a cyberpunk novel. And it's probably illegal.
Doctor Who returns in Death Comes to Time. Includes an enhanced version with some spiffy art. Diane Kasacavage
Ben has passed along CNN's informative little slideshow on how NASA gets the Shuttle into space. It took some work, but I managed to tease out the permanent URL for the show. Ben Loukota
13 July 2001
For "Dark Cloud" addicts: Mike Ryan has passed along his suggestions for getting the most out of the fishing minigame in Dark Cloud, which I have ported over to HTML.
Mark Sachs' Grand List Of Console Role Playing Game Clichés has been chosen as a Site of the Week for 7/13/2001 by Steve Jackson Games. Way to go, Mark! Mike Ryan
Beijing won the 2008 Olympic Games. Now we can discover who will win the 100-meter Fleeing Oppression Footrace or the Tiananmen Tank Slalom.
It's probably a sign of the Apocalypse that I entered a caption for IADL that was accepted. I entered the one as "Raiders of the Lost Asterisk." (Probably only Matt Smith will care. Ah, well. :)
Have at thee, Moon Landing Disbelievers! The Web, in its vast glory, brings us answers to all those questions asked by Moon doubters!
Ah, Texas. Home of unfettered racism and overly powerful judges. Texas. Where you can hire a wanted man as an undercover cop and use him to railroad people into jail.
People are stupid. (Not the kid who died when the Coke machine fell on him. The parents who are suing Coke over the incident.) Noel Tominack
12 July 2001
Eppur si muove: I changed the subtitle in the upper left this morning.
Few things are prettier than the crystal blue of hydrogen fluorescing in the void.
There are some whackos who believe we never went to the Moon. Fox, ever on the lookout for a way to make a buck while destroying civilization as we know it, is feeding their weird belief structure.
Cleaner fish pet other fish to apologize and to calm them down. This is the first time such behavior has been noted outside the mammals.
11 July 2001
The city of Los Angeles is attempting to levy property taxes on satellites. Welcome to the future.
Instead of "Dictator or Sitcom Character," it's "Guess your religion."
10 July 2001
Hi there, I'm the President, and I not only want to give your money to religious organizations without your consent (good Christian charities only, please!), but I also want to make it possible for government-funded religious groups to practice hiring discrimination against gay people. To top it all off, now that people know about it, I'm backpedaling!
The proposed HR 175, the Enumerated Powers Act, is interesting. It states: "Each Act of Congress shall contain a concise and definite statement of the constitutional authority relied upon for the enactment of each portion of that Act." It would be interesting to see how government would change should this pass (seeing how I suspect this would give the Supreme Court a specific discussion point for any legislation brought before it for review).
9 July 2001
Early fraternity brothers hunted game animals and were, quite possibly, civilized.
Terry Pratchett expounds upon alien Christmases.
6 July 2001
What is the leading cause of efficiency loss among wind power turbines? Bugs. Ben Loukota
Abe Lincoln died here.
5 July 2001
You always knew it was true: It might not be the same as the Pop Rocks and cola you were warned about in grade school, but Pop Rocks and sherbet are dangerous together.
AfAP is now Microsoft Smart Tag disabled, huzzah. (The linked Microsoft page has a section titled "End User Privacy." At first glance, I read "End" as an imperative verb instead of as an adjective.)
We were discussing economics at dinner on Saturday. That led to me reading up on Amartya Sen.
Mars. If there is life there, we should be preparing to meet the invasion of its terrible steam-powered land behemoths! Ben Loukota
4 July 2001
Angels from Another Pin will be celebrating America's independence from Canada or France or something today. During the holiday, enjoy the Independence-Day-themed colors.
3 July 2001
Another large Kuiper Belt object. ("Where are we going? Planet Ten...!")
Advisors report: The civilization of Australia has developed the technology of WHEEL. We demand you give us the technology of WHEEL or we will declare war!
Single-bit Linux. Note the author. (Hi, Jon!)
Daniel Pinkwater, the author of Norb.
2 July 2001
No, that's not Matt and me. And those two ladies aren't Donna and Ivy. Really. We swear.
This puff piece on geneology was written by someone named Corey Kilgannon. Spooooooky.
The hard way to get DSL.
Bangkok's full name means "City of Angels, Great City of Immortals, Magnificent City of the Nine Gems, Seat of the King, City of Royal Palaces, Home of the Gods Incarnate, Erected by Visvakarman at Indra's Behest." Locals call it "Krungthep," or City of Angels. The modern name, Bangkok, means "City of Wild Plums."

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