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Uranus gag supplied by the Juvenile Comedy Department of the European Space Agency.

--The University of the Bleeding Obvious

30 January 2004

The letter "i" is used to connect word elements (diversiform: divers-i-form) because it is the stem vowel of nouns and adjectives used in combination in Latin, as transferred to Middle English through French.

There's no link here; I just thought that was a neat bit of etymology.   permanent link


I have a theory about A Miracle of Science: it could be bunnies.   permanent link


An archaeological team in England, undertaking a dig over the course of several months, discovered that they were excavating not a Viking site but a 1940s patio. Among the medieval Nordic items unearthed were a World War II child's gas mask and a TV remote.   permanent link


Eratosthenes meets Tsiolkovsky: images of the sundial on Spirit.   permanent link

If you try this, write in and let us know how long you got grounded for.

--Mark Sachs

27 January 2004

The Opportunity rover has landed smack in the middle of a crater on Mars, and the Spirit rover is slowly coming back into working order.   permanent link


A Miracle of Science: No matter how far humanity advances, we'll never evolve beyond irritating younger siblings.   permanent link


At over a dollar a pound, avocados attract thieves like guacamole attracts football fans.   permanent link
Jessica Gothie


Hot off the newswires, the walkthrough for Ikea: the Game.   permanent link


A little levity centering on Mars: Why did the Spirit rover stop responding for a while? Where did Spirit land?   permanent link

Your explanations are pure, one-hundred percent, weapons-grade bolognium!


23 January 2004

Some communication has been re-established with the Spirit rover. Built NASA tough.   permanent link
Joe Foering


I'll bet German has a word that means "beautifully mad." English needs a word like that to describe the renaming of King County, Washington to...King County, Washington. The county was previously named after a slaveowner named William King, and was renamed after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   permanent link

You had me at "Death From Above."

--Gloria Webber

22 January 2004

The sad record of Mars probe failures marches on: the Spirit rover has stopped communicating.   permanent link


A Miracle of Science now contains 100% of your MRDA of experimental art.   permanent link


Pokemon Buddha. Nothing more need be said.   permanent link


Want to see Roger Ebert go postal on a bad film?

I hated this movie. Hated hated hated hated hated this movie. Hated it. Hated every simpering stupid vacant audience-insulting moment of it. Hated the sensibility that thought anyone would like it. Hated the implied insult to the audience by its belief that anyone would be entertained by it.   permanent link

I've gotta handful of vertebrae and a headful of mad!

--Steve Behling and Michael Stewart

21 January 2004

Two Worlds, One Sun.   permanent link


I'm not up to date on the worlds of IRC and chatrooms, but even I can enjoy the antics of Elf Only Inn. It starts out with static, unchanging images meant to imitate chatroom icons but evolves into a hand-drawn comic over the course of time. Vulcan Dopeslap!   permanent link
Mark Sachs

I guess I'm just an old mad scientist at bottom. Give me an underground laboratory, half a dozen atom-smashers, and a beautiful girl in a diaphanous veil waiting to be turned into a chimpanzee, and I care not who writes the nation's laws.

--S.J. Perelman

20 January 2004

Have some A Miracle of Science, it's free! Also free are pages 157, 158, 159, 160. 161, and 162.   permanent link


Look up your birthday star. It's not astrology, it's a website that will determine which star's light has taken the entire time you've been alive to reach Earth. As of today, the light arriving from Zeta Herculis left that star around the time I was born.   permanent link
Betty Ragan

(The Side of the Angels)

A Miracle of Science

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