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Angels from Another Pin

Yes, I suppose it could be used as a weapon, if the enemy lived on other planets, and if more than anything they hated having fresh fruit delivered through space to their door. I find your obsession with militarizing each of my inventions disturbing, to be honest. First it was my "fun bomb", which you thought could be modified to deploy munitions other than fun.

--Leonard Richardson

22 February 2006

"An Elvis taxon (plural taxa) is a term used in taxonomy. It is similar to a Lazarus taxon and often confused with it. Where Lazaraus taxa are those that have seemingly returned from the dead after a mass extinction, Elvis taxa are the decendants of different groups that are known to have survived the extinction and have evolved to closely resemble the extinct group through convergent evolution. The term Elvis taxon is used because although Elvis is truly dead, he has many imitators." permanent link


Popular Science has compiled a list of the worst jobs in science:

3. Kansas Biology Teacher
On the front lines of science's devolution

"The evolution debate is consuming almost everything we do," says Brad Williamson, a 30-year science veteran at suburban Olathe East High School and a past president of the National Association of Biology Teachers. "It's politicized the classroom. Parents will say their child can't be in class during any discussion of evolution, and students will say things like 'My grandfather wasn't a monkey!'"

First, a history lesson. In 1999 a group of religious fundamentalists won election to the Kansas State Board of Education and tried to introduce creationism into the state's classrooms. They wanted to delete references to radiocarbon dating, continental drift and the fossil record from the education standards. In 2001 more-temperate forces prevailed in elections, but the anti-evolutionists garnered a 6-4 majority again last November. This year Intelligent Design (ID) theory is their anti-evolution tool of choice...

The problem for teachers is that ID can't be tested using the scientific method, the system of making, testing and retesting hypotheses that is the bedrock of science. That's because underpinning ID is religious belief. In science class, Williamson says, "students have to trust that I'm just dealing with science."

Alas, for Kansas's educational reputation, the damage may be done. "We've heard anecdotally that our students are getting much more scrutiny at places like medical schools. I get calls from teachers in other states who say things like 'You rubes!'" Williamson says. "But this is happening across the country. It's not just Kansas anymore."

Link courtesy of Sue Monroe. permanent link

This could be the greatest thing ever painted, ever. And I've seen Bea Arthur wrestling a velociraptor.

--August J. Pollak

17 February 2006

The area where I live has been a town for a very long time. Over the last hundred years, however, it's been updated and changed. Among the things lost are the old coverered bridges, including one over the Schuylkill River at what appears to be the location of the Dekalb Street bridge. permanent link


Heavy Metal is a free program that allows you to connect a Teletype machine to your computer's serial port in general, and the internet in particular. Although some later teletype machines understood ASCII, the real target of this program are the wonderfully noisy, mechanical devices based on 5-level (Baudot) codes.

No technology is truly dead as long as someone still loves it. permanent link


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