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28 February 2002 ::   Meet me at the corner of Collision Course and Wackiness!
The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has an immense site. It even answers a question that has been on my mind for years: why is Australian weather so unusual?

Mike Ryan
When did our species become human?

27 February 2002 ::   I was never worried about her being some 55-year-old evil-genius psycho in Baltimore
How would you redesign cities from the ground up? Would you design an oceanic arcology?

If you've never read any Vernor Vinge, why not start with his short story True Names? (Note: This was written in 1981. Rather prescient, no?)

26 February 2002 ::   Acquiring sufficient financial means to broaden my future light cone.
Surviving the Singularity: Extropians, techno-weirdos, and the possibility of the end of humanity in a Vingean technological awakening. The article is scattered, poorly written, and filled with the bizarre maunderings of Extropians, but it contains lots of weird/nifty quotes and ideas.

The Internet is, slowly but surely, changing everything it touches. A single Web site is changing the politics of farming by putting the truth about farm subsidies in the hands of the public.

25 February 2002 ::   We are Shiva destroyer of worlds and by extension patriots
When the Fortune 500 comes out in April, Walmart will probably be the largest company in the world. I find this deeply disturbing.

View this swirly clock. Move your mouse. Hours of fun for the whole family!

22 February 2002 ::   Sir, do not exterminate. These are structural cockroaches.
Need a change of pace? Perhaps you could become a fantasy roleplaying character. This test will tell you what you would be happiest doing. A sort of Tolkien school counselor.

Glenn Juskiewicz
Why is so much science fiction unreadable these days? Perhaps because it has managed to lose the future, somewhere along the way.

I'm getting just a wee bit tired of Mullah Ashcroft's religious gibberings.

21 February 2002 ::   "More specific" doesn't mean "louder."
In the mid-90s, a teenager in Michigan decided to build his own breeder reactor as part of a Boy Scout project. By the end of it, the EPA was in his mother's back yard in contamination-proof bunny suits. He had, it seems, actually managed to build a crude breeder reactor. (Build your own atom storage box! And it really, really works.)

Some turns of phrase are just too interesting and strange to allow to pass by without comment, such as the words which appear near the end of this Nature article: computational origami.

20 February 2002 ::   I am the master of this curtain! I am the master of all window treatments!
While Saturn hides behind the Moon, the first palindromic time stamp in a millennium approaches!

Glenn Juskiewicz
Watch the skies! Saturn will be passing behind the Moon tonight. If you've never seen an occultation, go out and watch it. The times and locations for both Philadelphia and Chicago are listed, so you guys have no excuse to miss it.

The North American Vexillological Association tells us how to design a great flag.

19 February 2002 ::   Funk this, you wookie!
Despite the increased security at movie studios these days, someone has stolen the captain's chair from the set of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It is estimated to be worth fifteen to twenty thousand dollars.

Ivy Kilgannon
This is the height of stupid geek humor. But I don't care. It's funny.

Never be confused by the verbiage in a Robert Jordan novel again: know the arms and armor of the Middle Ages.

18 February 2002 ::   Did you just try to eat my head?
For Matt Smith (and the rest of you): Blue Tube Productions, creators of much of Cartoon Network's incidental music. If you have the bandwidth, download their clever 25 MB Josie and the Pussycats music video.

You can make your own algorithmic fonts at I wasted entirely too much time with this. Extremely cool.

A new study has shown that, in contradiction of self-interest, people will go out of their way to bring down a winner.

15 February 2002 ::   If you're an Illuminatus, why that haircut?
I try not to link to things relating only to people I know, but I would be remiss if I didn't link to this page, which features both Ben as Ameila and Mark schmoozing with a cute girl dressed as Aerith.

All your candy are belong to us.

Glenn swears this is a little drag-and-drop build-your-own-Battlebot thing. The page won't load on my system, so I give it to you sight unseen.

Glenn Juskiewicz
In court today: a man who shot his girlfriend because he thought she was going to say "New Jersey."

Glenn Juskiewicz
14 February 2002 ::   That was a disturbing psycho-muppet episode.
I can't let today pass by without pointing you to the history of Valentine's Day.

Extreme Tugboating! (Old link)

From the Something Ain't Quite Right Here File: Enron thief-in-chief Ken Lay has sold his Aspen house to an anonymous buyer for twice its book value. I smell payoff.

13 February 2002 ::   Make your Penguin last longer... refuse to eat it until it has learnt algebra.
With modern technology, everything is possible. Even constructing the One Ring: The One Truck would shine like gold, turn invisible on a moment's notice, and ooze a steady stream of nicotine and vitamin E and whispered encouragements to mischief. It would be mildly radioactive, but if you were hanging around it ó or God forbid, driving one of the other trucks it commands ó then this would be the least of your problems.

Susan Monroe
Anti-Semitism is on the rise again in France. The French authorities stand by and let it happen, or blame it on bad economic conditions (as if that somehow excuses violence). Didn't we discuss this problem with Europe once before? Didn't that discussion involve the firebombing of major cities?

12 February 2002 ::   Today is a good day for science!
Otakon, with 28.1 acres of floorspace, is more than 6.25 times the size of the most powerful warship ever built, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier U.S.S. Enterprise (flight deck size: 4.47 acres, per January's National Geographic).

Tired of your tiny apartment? Looking for something a little more spacious? Bored with breathing oxygen? Why not buy some land on the Moon?

Glenn Juskiewicz
Television (and an antiquated phone system) nearly kill a little old lady. Film at 11.

11 February 2002 ::   Ascended minds are discovered to be just dead brains in jars
You have played cops and robbers, simple minds say "Letís pretend." You are not simple mind in stupid world, you are to check the rules and octagon numbers. Children are to play "Letís pretend," Aristotle has said 500 years ago "Stories have structure, which average man does not comprehend." You comprehend in the TIMECUBE!!!! (View with wonder and horror a roleplaying game based on the mad ramblings of Gene Ray.)

8 February 2002 ::   Turn your head, don't look back; set your sails for a new horizon
We direct your attention to this list of Masonic lodge officers. We further direct your attention to the big mook in the upper left of the staff picture. Then look at the list of officers. Look specifically for "Steward." Aiie! Photographic evidence that our own Glenn Juskiewicz is a member of the World Illuminati Rulership Cabal!

7 February 2002 ::   Just look at them over there, growing their beards in anger
Want to learn a little modern history? This essay manages to be a clever sendup of alternate-history fiction, a scathing commentary on book reviews, and a readable history of the real Falklands War, all rolled into one.

A foreign currency trader for the American branch of Allied Irish Banks in Baltimore has been accused of defrauding the bank of three-quarters of a billion dollars. I heard on NPR just a short while ago that the trader, John Rusnak, is a Pennsylvania native. Local boy made bad.

6 February 2002 ::   There were plants and birds and rocks and things
Law enforcement researchers have shown just how easy it would be to take down Philadelphia, virtually. Lovely.

Glenn Juskiewicz
5 February 2002 ::   The newest, bestest oxygen
Time, the philosophers say, is a scientific idea imposed on the Universe by humans. If that's true, then your clock should look as scientific as possible. Why not build an uber-techie nixie-tube clock?

Glenn Juskiewicz
4 February 2002 ::   The St. Louis Arch makes a convenient carrying handle for the whole continent
Idiot auditors, overenthusiastic stock analysts, and people paid $300,000 to look the other way: Dave Barry looks at Enron.

Somehow, brave, just, and clever people like Marion Pritchard continually bubble to the top of the human race. Knowing people like her exist makes me feel a little better about the world.

1 February 2002 ::   I bounced lightly off the hood of a Ford Festiva
Langston Hughes was born 100 years ago today.

Remember Baby Fae, who had a baboon heart transplanted into her in the mid-80s, and who died less than a month later? Well, it turns out that the doctor who performed the surgery believed a baboon heart would be safe because he didn't believe in evolution and wasn't thinking about how unrelated baboons are to humans. (Search for "Bailey" to find the information.) So the child died because the doctor used the Bible as his source of scientific knowledge. Words fail me.

(The Side of the Angels)

A Miracle of Science

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