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OK, the Cliff Notes to I, Claudius are called history books.

--Betty Ragan

31 August 2004

A Miracle of Science has been updating while AfAP has been on downtime. If you haven't looked as MoS since I last mentioned it, you'll want to start reading here.   permanent link

: is more amusing than it has any right to be, merely from the text of the URL. (Warning to those on slow connections: the page displays pi to one million digits, which may take a while to load.)   permanent link


More history: a medieval bill of lading.

April twenty-fourth in the year of the Incarnation of the Lord 1248.

We, Eustace Cazal and Peter Amiel, carriers, confess and acknowledge to you, Falcon of Acre and John Confortance of Acre, that we have had and received from you twelve full loads of brazil wood and nine of pepper and seventeen and a half of ginger for the purpose of taking them from Toulouse to Provence, to the fairs of Provence to be held in the coming May, at a price or charge of four pounds and fifteen solidi in Vienne currency for each of the said loads. And we confess we have had this from you in money, renouncing, etc. And we promise by this agreement to carry and look well after those said loads with our animals, without carts, and to return them to you at the beginning of those fairs and to wait upon you and do all the things which carriers are accustomed to do for merchants. Pledging all our goods, etc.; renouncing the protection of all laws, etc.

Witnesses, etc.

In 1248, the city of Acre (where Falcon and Confortance were from) was the capital of the Latin Kingdom, the Crusader lands in the Middle East. About four decades after this contract was executed, the city was retaken from the Crusaders, ending the Kingdom.   permanent link


Gravity anomalies discovered using satellite data have revealed craters in Antarctica which were caused by the impacts of an asteroid that was between five and eleven kilometers across, or a swarm of comets. Sounds like the start of a particularly bad science fiction movie, huh?   permanent link

(The Side of the Angels)

A Miracle of Science

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