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You must be double jointed...and you must be Pennsylvanian.
Actually, I only own one spoon and a potato peeler. They made a soft, lonely ringing sound.
As long as I get to be the lovely, perfect savior of mankind who gets complete and unfettered rulership of Eurasia, yeah, I'm happy now.
I wish I had a Kryptonite cross, because then you could keep both Dracula and Superman away.
It's a God eat God world out there.
“We do not know which pagoda Amakusa is in, but we can soon find out.”
All I can picture is two large RVs circling each other warily as the Star Trek fight music plays in the background.
As a duly designated representative of the city, county, and state of New York, I order you to cease any and all supernatural activities and return forthwith to your place of origin, or to the nearest convenient parallel dimension.
Isn't that a bit like saying "The Principality of Andorra at the height of its power?"
As a programmer, I have a natural fear of the possibility of a Blue Screen of Death that is physically bigger than me.
You may find these pamphlets on funeral homes instructive, puny human.
You obviously just spent a lot of time and energy debunking an argument made by a muppet.
Never show clowns any sign of weakness
George Clinton is ordered to give 90% of all funk to General Zod, distributing the rest to all mortals.
Obviously, my attempts to calmly explain my rationale have failed. Perhaps my use of physical violence will assist you in understanding my position on the matter.
"Hello, Super Nintendo Chalmers"
Why not hollow out the cats?
Now, I'm packing your angry eyes just in case
She's the Pope, he's a chimp—-they're cops

(The Side of the Angels)

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31 August 2001
Allow me to state, unequivocally, that the idiots who are attempting to build a police state in my country can go bleep off.
The parking authorities in London picked up a man's car, painted a no-parking space under it, and ticketed him.
Beautiful, eerie, and awful: photographs of nuclear test blasts. Includes an explanation of the rings one sees around movie explosions--those are supposed to be Mach stems.
I may have to buy this Cheapass game just so I can make "Accelerated Chickens."
30 August 2001
Glenn Juskiewicz has come up with what he considers the Geek Personality Test. What would you take along if you were told that tomorrow you were going to a standard-fantasy medieval world and could take anything you could personally scrounge or buy? Comment in the Discussion area. Glenn Juskiewicz
The globally-recognized Lego company is still privately held, and still hews to the values of its Danish toymaker founder.
The supervisor in charge of Miami's school cafeterias was ousted from her job as school principal because of abuses of power. She was immediately promoted to the school district's management team, where she managed to cost the district tens of thousands of dollars due to spoiled food, advanced the career of a personal favorite who was a screw-up, and redecorated one cafeteria (including a $5000 mechanical talking parrot) against the direct orders of the assistant superintendent.
29 August 2001
If you've gone backwards in time, there are a number of ways to know what the date is. You can change a society's accent through a push chain or a pull chain. Browse The Last Word for more such silly (yet true) science.
The BBC is going to broadcast a program I would love to hear, The Routes of English. Linguistic history for the masses.
28 August 2001
Wow. This is how all television critics should write.
Welcome to the Future: The federal government's official nanotechnology Web site exists at
27 August 2001
Noel pointed me at this article on Disney's relationship with Hayao Miyazaki. I want to know why the article's author thinks we'll believe that Disney hadn't noticed Princess Mononoke was violent before translating it, rescripting it, casting it, re-recording it, and--most importantly--preparing to market it. Noel Tominack
Ever wonder how astronauts keep sane on the ISS when they can't open a window to let in some fresh air? NASA is on the job!
This was a novel meteorite in many ways. It contains pre-solar material, it hit the ground softly enough to retain much of its volatile gas, and it exploded with the force of tons of TNT. Ben Loukota
24 August 2001
I've seen the brassy-gold storm light that comes with breaks in thunderstorms, but I've never seen a green sky.
The epitaph of nuclear power in the United States, 22 years ago.
What would be the minimum number of sounds required to make a language? Hawaiian has eight consonants and ten vowels. The smallest segmental inventory, however, belongs to the Piraha~ launguage of South America, which has only 7 consonants and 3 vowels.
23 August 2001
Satellite photos. Hundreds of them. Particularly interesting are the pictures of the Moon taken by Earth-orbiting satellites and the images of the tracks of tornado damage.
View the Earth from the point of view of a satellite. Or plug in your own coordinates to see the Earth from anywhere in orbit.
Galileo images Callisto and finds there appears to be erosion going on. Ben Loukota
The story of Air Force flight SAM 27000.
A rolling, inflated sphere trundling across a red-dust desert can mean only one thing: wind-powered transport has come to Mars.
How do you identify an American? By our shibboleth: "like."
22 August 2001
Oh, sure, a robotic teddy bear seems harmless enough...until it comes alive in the middle of the night and murders you! (Criswell predicts! - It will be less than ten years until someone is killed by a remote-controlled household robot.)
Only two things come outta North Carolina, son! Racist politicians and, well, more racist politicians.
North America shines by night in this composite picture from August 10, 2001.
You need a computer-generated video of the impact which created the Moon.
Be a NASA space explorer. I signed up, so you can find me in the database.
21 August 2001
The ore called coltan is as heavy as gold, mined by hand, and fuels a war in the disintegrating People's Republic of Congo. You're using coltan right now--in the form of the tantalum in your computer's capacitors.
New science toy! Fun with levers.
This little floating robot can harmlessly chase birds away from fish farms, increasing the farms' yields while leaving the birds unharmed.
More people who need to go into the molecular disassemblers: Marketing idiots who send email accusing the recipient of illegal activities and stating the recipient will be turned over to the police unless he or she clicks a link to the marketer's site.
20 August 2001
Woot. My name was mauled beyond recognition by the author of RPG World today.
Oh my God, Pop Tarts are killing people!
The world becomes Max Headroom, Part II: CNN airs a segment which is basically a series of advertisements for the iBook, language software, and some pens.
Another slow Web cam, this time a real one: There is a science experiment in Australia which has been ongoing since 1927. Because of this experiment, we now know that pitch is 100 billion times more viscous than water.
Marooned in Realtime comes's the Continental Drift Web Cam! Mike Ryan
17 August 2001
And then, one day, SkyNet woke up.
The future is happening: You can now buy prototype smart dust for $1000.
When I was in high school, I had a teacher who had what I considered an execrable taste in poetry. (All of it was classic, beloved stuff--but I hated it.) So I corralled a group of friends and we wrote the worst poetry we could conceive, then turned it in as a form of criticism of poetry. (We were seventeen. For us, this was a Fight Club style smash-the-state experiment.) Ironically, the teacher loved our work and gave us all extra credit A's for it. Little did I know, some guys in Australia created a nonexistent poet named Ernest Lalor Malley in 1943...and had the same thing happen to them, on a much larger scale.
Some astronomers think the fine structure constant may be a variable.
16 August 2001
MegaBaltimore is about to explode!
Amakusa Shiro and the Battle of Shimbara. It appears that Samurai Shodown is a metaphorical tale of enlightenment, freedom, and religious tolerance. Mark Sachs
A utility which can scan a network of Windows servers and determine which need to have patches loaded has been released. About bloody time.
15 August 2001
You can get your very own Otakon 2001 program packet on eBay! Wow! Noel Tominack
Mary Ellis's last parking place.
This is Otakudom. Featuring Matt Pyson.
8 August 2001
I'll be at Otakon for the next week. No updates.
I wonder if the Spanish authorities know how ironic it is to have a sign notifying passersby that video surveillance is in use in George Orwell Plaza.
7 August 2001
Immense channels could have filled one of Mars' periodic oceans in eight days. (That's a great phrase: periodic oceans.)
Ah, the good old Web Economy BS Generator! Mark Sachs
Ding! First use of the phrase "Watergate investigation" in reference to the Bush Administration.
6 August 2001
To remove Code Red II, reformat your machine and reinstall. Black-hat hackers all need to be fed into atomic disassemblers for the good of the species.
Mike likes ramen wolverines.
Run! It's the Evil Al Gore from the Mirror Universe with the beard and the unkempt hair! Flee!
Eyeglasses with autofocus. Error 3C75 in STAIRWAY.EXE. Autofocus function shutting down. Please stop and do not move until your glasses are serviced by a Microsoft Certified Optical Consultant.
Marvin the Paranoid soccer player.
3 August 2001
The latest film from Hayao Miyazaki is raking in the yen in Japan.
Wayne Township, PA, has made it illegal for a corporation to operate within the township's borders if the corporation has a history of lawbreaking, or if it has board members who have such histories.
Red rain, falling down. Red rain falling down over me and the red, red sea.
2 August 2001
I changed the page so it uses relative-sized instead of fixed-width table cells. Tell me how/if you like the (slightly) new look.
Speaking of the interplanetary Internet, Vernor Vinge is profiled in the New York Times.
Some day, we will have a functioning interplanetary Internet. Ping times to your Quake server on Venus, however, will be awful.
Physics toys for geeks. Stuff involving matter.
1 August 2001
Poul Anderson died yesterday. I've only read Flandry of Terra by him, but I quite liked it.
The first exoskeletally-powered superhero will probably be a Japanese nurse. Mike Ryan
Glenn Juskiewicz
Play Spacewar.
Walk right in, it's around the back, just a half a mile from the railroad tracks...

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