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I think Pizza Hut is the cockiest pizza chain on the planet, because Pizza Hut will accept all competitor's coupons. That makes me wish I had my own pizza place. "Mitch's Pizzeria ... This week's coupon: unlimited free pizza. Special Note: coupon not good at any of the Mitch's Pizza locations. Free pizza oven with purchase of a small Coke. Two-for Tuesday: buy one pizza, get one franchise free."

--Mitch Hedberg

12 April 2006

Today is the forty-fifth anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's on Vostok 1 and the start of the era of human spaceflight, the twenty-fifth anniversary of the first Space Shuttle flight, and the anniversary of the day I started AfAP in 2001. April 12, 2001 was - coincidentally - the first Yuri's Night. permanent link


Atomic orbitals.

The grand table of atomic orbitals. permanent link


So Warren Ellis (who writes comic books) wrote something funny and somewhat mean, then Joss Whedon (who writes movies and television shows) showed up and started dicking with him. Hilarity, as they say, ensued.

Revenge, eh? So, mister Ellis — (swishes brandy in large glass) — let the games begin, unless they are games of skill, or physical exertion of any kind, or with math. I know the bitter bitter truth, why you are so threatened by my genius, my, class, my big glass of brandy. It’s because you’re so OLD, so terribly terribly OLD, isn’t it! Mountains were hills when you were middle-aged. I hear you left your wife for a younger, trophy Cromagnon. And that you’re… that a young person would find you strange, and… from many years of… you being… DAMN! This round to you, Ellis. But the game is far –(drains Brandy, gasps like beached whale) — from over.

Whedon shows up starting with comment number four. permanent link


Globosphere makes fun of all the webloggers you want to hit in the face with a pie.

Oh this lawn mower company now has RSS feeds. Really smart. Lawn-mowing is a conversation, and if you cut lawns, you want to be part of the lawn-mowing conversation.

Mmmmmm, pie. permanent link


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